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Purpose and Values

Company’s Purpose:

To maximize connections that drive people.

Values of the Company, its employees and stakeholders:

Customers First
We know that in order to create transformative connections in a rapidly evolving world, we need to pay close attention to our customers’ movements and demands.
We anticipate needs and think about others before thinking of us. Customers guide everything we do.

Commitment to Evolution
In all of our actions, we strive to promote collaborative environments and encourage entrepreneurship, innovation and curiosity.
We know that by contributing to people’s development, we are boosting society and fulfilling our purpose of maximizing connections that drive people.

Focus Leads to Results
Having focus is looking look at a goal, knowing where we want to go, making choices and establishing priorities.
It allows us to be more effective in everything we do, managing the Company’s resources as if they were ours.

Credibility is Earned
We believe that we should be honest in everything we do - from the connections we create to the way we execute our processes.
This is how we earn trust and build strong, solid and lasting relationships and businesses with all our partners.

Oi is Each One of Us
Inside or outside the office, Oi is the pulse and the vibration in each one of us. We walk and grow together, moving in the same direction.
We know that in every gesture, action or decision, we are representing the entire organization. So we act as part of the whole, always seeking the best path.

(¹) This translation is still subject to the auditors review

(¹) This translation is still subject to the auditors review